Happy New Year! New year, new blog post! I know it’s been a while, so let’s stop wasting time and get straight down to the nitty gritty (and witty (I hope))!


Without God, we’d all rape and kill each other, then lie to our parents about it afterwards, before stealing their credit cards so we can buy a better car than our neighbor has, so we can seduce their spouse. At least, that appears to be the message of this video:



Certain quotes that stand out:


“If it isn’t God who declares murder wrong, murder isn’t wrong.”


The kind of dogmatic sheep mentality religion inspires that makes it not only unnecessary but downright dangerous. He wasn’t trying to argue that murder isn’t wrong, but rather to demonstrate that it’s only the power of God’s authority that decides that irrefutably (which is an equally scary belief, in my opinion).


What the 10 commandments might as well have said

What the 10 commandments might as well have said



“Without God, all morals are just personal opinions and beliefs.”


Yes, that is correct. That is exactly what morals are. Luckily, most people have empathy enough to agree that you shouldn’t kill, rape, or otherwise inflict physical, mental, and emotional harm on others. That you shouldn’t take what isn’t yours, or find glory in anything you have to cheat your way to. We’d all like a world where police and armies weren’t necessary, where people didn’t lie, and where all parents were intelligent enough that their kids should (and would) respect their opinions, but such a world is based on the naive belief that all people are good and some decide to be bad. Sure, many people who are born without a psychosis do really bad things, but taking those out of the equation, the amount of psychoses and personality disorders that can make people act in “immoral” ways are many, and these people do not adhere to the morals of anyone, man or god, so even if WE ALL decided to believe in and obey the laws of a god or goddess, these people would still only do so if it suited their purpose. And religious people, who believe that the 10 commandments come from God still don’t follow all of them all the time. Because they are human.


He had Spoken the Truth.

He has Spoken the Truth.


“Blablabla taking credit for the great things done by Western civilization.”


Stop this “perfect world” naivety, stop trying to take credit for people thinking murder is wrong, stop taking credit for human rights, the abolishment of slavery, ESPECIALLY stop taking credit for equal rights between the sexes when your desert religions, the Abrahamic religions, have done worse things for women than any other ideological concept in history. Just stop existing. Please.


Western civilization meets the 10 commandments

Western civilization meets the 10 commandments


OK, rant over. Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, guys. I’ll try to get back into writing more again. Maybe that will be my New Year’s resolution. As usual, please like and share this if it entertained, resonated, completely baffled, mummified… you. I love you for reading.