There’s a new kind of selfie spreading like wildfire: the animal selfie.


Kim Karduckshian

Kim Karduckshian

No, not that kind. Besides, the duck face selfie isn’t exactly a new invention. Maybe she can show us the doggy-selfie or do we have to get that on tape? What I’m talking about is…


Lookin' puuuurrfect

Lookin’ puuuurrfect

Definitely one kind of animal selfie, but no. What I’m talking about is much more refined, beautiful, awe inspiring, and artistic! Something along the lines of…

Faroese Puffin

“But first..” Faroese Puffin





The self-taught artist behind these amazing paintings is a young, Faroese woman called Ragnhild Kjærbo. She’s been causing quite a stir all over the Faroe Islands for quite a while and now, more recently, the excitement surrounding her paintings is going global. She’s been in the national Faroese newspapers due to all of the attention she has been receiving for her art, and Looking at her Facebook page it becomes very apparent just how popular she is. In the comment section of every photo, there are people asking if the paintings are for sale (they are, by the way), how much they cost, how they can get them, if she takes special orders (which she does) etc., and furthermore  the words “SOLD” appear in the comments of most of the photos as well.

Grey Goose

(*Trigger Alert for the alcoholics*) Grey Goose


A collage of different paintings, posted to Ragnhild's Facebook profile as a promotion for her first art exhibition.

A collage of different paintings, posted to Ragnhild’s Facebook profile as a promotion for her first art exhibition.


The paintings are mainly inspired by Faroese nature and wildlife, which is why there are so many birds. Birds are the most prevalent aspect of Faroese wildlife, second only to sheep. While seagulls are the bird you’ll probably see the most, the puffin and the oystercatcher – which is the national bird of the Faroe Islands – are probably the ones featured the most in art, music, and even souvenirs. Ragnhild’s paintings reflect the popularity of especially the puffin, with the bird being the most frequently painted, requested, and sold of her paintings.


Faroese Puffin, with the Faroese flag "Merkið" incorporated into the design. A very striking piece.

Faroese Puffin, with the Faroese flag “Merkið” incorporated into the design. A very striking piece.


Puffin couple fighting. At least, that's what's going on in my mind. Isn't that what couples do?

Puffin couple fighting. At least, that’s what’s going on my mind. Doesn’t look too different from human couples. She’s standing there nagging and he’s gone to the quiet space in his mind.


Aw look, he apologized.

Aw look, he apologized.


Mountains and cliffs are basically a rough summary of the geological layout of the Faroe Islands, and if you look at the paintings below, you’ll notice that the oystercatcher is standing on a patch of grass with mountains in the background, and the puffin looks like it’s standing on a cliff which is its natural habitat. Ragnhild incorporates not only the animals of the islands, but the beautiful shapes the islands are made up of, and brings them to life with paintings consisting of intricate patterns, and colors found in Faroese nature. In some cases she uses brighter and bolder colors, not necessarily natural to the given animal, but strikingly beautiful all the same, like in the painting of the ram (also visible below)


Faroese Oystercatcher - The national bird of The Faroe Islands

Faroese Oystercatcher – The national bird of The Faroe Islands


Faroese Puffin

Faroese Puffin





Like most things in life, the story behind what inspired Ragnhild to paint animal selfies is almost laughably simple:


It really wasn’t something I originally gave too much thought. My best friend and I occasionally send animal selfies [like the one of the cat up top] to each other, and I thought to myself “This could be fun to paint.” Then it sort of just went from there. I’ve been painting since before I can even remember, so I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration, and this one happened to resonate with people, which I’m very grateful for. - Ragnhild

What started out as a fun idea quickly exploded when she uploaded the first “animal selfie” painting to her Facebook page. She’d made her Facebook page a few months earlier, when she decided to share her considerable talents with the world. Soon after, her page likes more than doubled and people started making request after request for paintings, including animal selfies of various animals, portrait paintings, and people wanting paintings of their children. Due to this heavy demand, she’s busy every day making paintings for people and the waiting list for a piece by Ragnhild is currently around 1 – 2 months.








Watch Ragnhild make one of her beautiful pieces come to life in this video short video!


Ragnhild has an amazing talent for not only creating portraits of people with an amazingly exact physical likeness, but she manages to capture everything from their slightest expressions, to the “look” in someone’s eye, making her portraits appear vivid and alive, in ways that most artists are simply unable to.


Christiano Ronaldo


Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried


David Beckham

David Beckham


Cheryl Cole. I love how, in this seemingly quite simple drawing, she manages to perfectly captures Cheryl's adorable cuteness that everyone loves.

Cheryl Cole. I love how, in this seemingly quite simple drawing, she manages to perfectly capture Cheryl’s adorable cuteness that everyone loves.


Ragnhild is very busy, but she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. On top of her day job in a boutique called STORM that sells various items by Faroese designers – including clothes and Ragnhild’s very own paintings – she has two young sons, and after they’ve gone to bed, she spends the rest of her available free time painting. In addition to that she has two upcoming art exhibition coming up, one in the Faroes and one in Denmark (dates and addresses below), so if you want to see these beautiful paintigs in person, you can go to one of these exhibitions, visit Storm Boutique in Saltangará, Faroe Islands, or if – you’re farther away than the Faroe Islands or Denmark – order a painting for yourself. You won’t regret it – I’m absolutely in love with mine!


Faroe Islands


Í Støð 14


Date: To be announced! Make sure you like Ragnhild’s Facebook page so you’ll know as soon as she does. She’s aware that she now has international interest, so she posts in English.

Website (Faroese)




Skattergade 14

5700 Svendborg


Website (danish)


Ragnhild - the beautiful artist behind the beatiful paintings.

Ragnhild – the beautiful artist behind the beatiful paintings.


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